“Going above and beyond the client brief”: Alexandre Trino on the future of e-commerce and his move to Umvel

3 min readFeb 22, 2021


Having had a long trajectory in e-commerce, Alexandre shares a view on the future of this business in the Mexican market.

E-commerce has seen rapid growth, sparked by the pandemic. Now, as new e-commerce lead at Umvel, Alexandre looks ahead and shares his views on the industry.

Alexandre Trino at Umvel

Brazil born Alexandre has been working with e-commerce since 2012. Having a strong technical background, he acquired vast experience in most e-commerce areas throughout the years, through many projects. Now, as brand new e-commerce leader at Umvel, he sees big opportunities for growth in this area, to take advantage of it.

“Becoming the e-commerce lead for Umvel means taking the next step and putting into practice everything I have learned over the years”, Alexandre states. As consumers migrate to online shopping experiences, e-commerce sees a growth rate of 5 to 10% annually in Latin America(McKinsey, 2021). Key individuals in that industry — such as Alexandre — show the way, particularly how to go beyond the usual ‘always follow the client brief’ practice.

Most ‘digital store’ development projects start after several briefing meetings with clients, in which they list their business requirements. Alexandre, who has mastered everything that VTEX has to offer, loves to take initiative and educate clients on what’s possible. “Being one step ahead, and showing clients what their future could look like, is very rewarding and beneficial for their long term strategy.” In Umvel, he works side-by-side with user experience (UX), visual designers, and tech leads to make this happen.

This way, Umvel is able to offer end-to-end e-commerce solutions, spanning not only technical development, but also strategy and (experience) design.


VTEX and its opportunities

VTEX is a unified 100% Brazilian e-commerce platform. Currently it’s the largest e-commerce platform in the world. Thanks to their footprint and quality, we can build flexible solutions, completely tailored for our clients’ needs”, Alexandre continues. Companies that are looking to upgrade their digital customer shopping journey, find a strong partner in Umvel, leveraging Alexandre’s expertise and experience.

In terms of ambitions, Alexandre is very clear: “I aim to implement scalable solutions in the Mexican business ecosystem, recognized by professionals in the area, at an affordable cost.” By using best practices in the area of UX, Alexandre seeks to elevate the online shopping experience.

His three top priorities for this year? Put Umvel in the spotlight of the e-commerce market; solidify a culture of satisfactory results and deliveries; and operate in foreign markets, such as the US (the latter is already a large growth market of Umvel).

Alexandre comes at a very timely moment, as pandemic-sparked trends seem to convert in new, long-term consumer habits. With the right amount of leadership, e-commerce has an amazing opportunity to capitalize on those new habits.

Want to know how Umvel can help you business grow?
Drop Alexandre a message at alexandre.trino@umvel.com or visit Umvel.

You can find Alexandre’s LinkedIn profile here.




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