Coding is fun, but being healthy is more fun!

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Zombies are not good developers

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Week 1

The first week starts very well, we advance in the development in a ‘human way’. You might think: “this project doesn’t seem so complicated, and were delivering new features as if they were enchiladas…”

Week 2

The second week we start to feel the ravages of sleep deprivation and a poor diet, but we don’t mind. We can continue to work as we “normally” do, even though we no longer look like that indestructible team from just a few days ago.

Week 3

By the third week caffeine no longer works, it just makes us feel physically ill. We have back pain and a headache that plague us all day long. We light one more cigarette and continue working.

Week 4

The fourth week is the delivery week, but we can’t even get out of bed. The physical and emotional pain is at its peak. The project has urgent bugs and the last thing we want to do is write one more line of code.

If you ever see someone going through this situation, help them. Talk to them, offer technical support if possible or just remind them that it’s time for lunch. Invite them to go out for some air, to take a break. Tiredness is not only physical, it is also mental, and emotional support is greatly appreciated. But more importantly, the support must come from the project leaders, who have the responsibility to generate efficient methodologies in taking requirements to avoid these situations. This brings me to the next point.

Think twice and develop it once.

If you and your team have never developed a similar platform, chances are that you will start throwing out code as soon as possible, either because of lack of knowledge, or the pressure from time and the obligation to deliver results. However, this will work against you sooner or later, for one simple reason:

We cannot create a product, if we do not know exactly what is expected of it.

If we start developing blindly, chances are that a large part of the project will go straight into the trash, either because we misunderstood business rules, or because we were unaware of the existence of another.

  1. Requirements meeting
“Hi baby, this is not a meme, drink enough water, eat well and take of yourself, I love you”



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