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El siguiente artículo está escrito por:
Magdiel Juárez Guerrero, Desarrollador Backend en Umvel.

La compleja época en la que nos encontramos promete nuevas y diferentes formas de comunicación, como respuesta a la cuarentena ‘sorpresa’ por COVID-19 de hace un año. Con el desarrollo de la ciencia, se siguen inventando nuevos dispositivos tecnológicos y con ellos, nuevas y creativas formas de interacción.

Esto se ha convertido en una oportunidad en el área del Diseño de Interacción (IxD), ya que está innovando la forma en que nos comunicamos con los dispositivos que poseemos.

Punched Card ‘computer’ (1960)

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This article was written by
Magdiel Juárez, Backend Developer at Umvel

The complex era in which we find ourselves today, promises new and different ways of communicating, as a response to the COVID-19 ‘surprise’ lockdown a year ago. With the development of science, new technological devices continue to be invented and with them, new and creative ways of interaction.

Inventing new ways interaction with devices (and each other) is the domain of Interaction Design (IxD). This are is involved in innovating the way we communicate, by means of the devices we use

Dilbert cartoon

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El siguiente artículo está escrito por:
Roberto Martínez Medina, Desarrollador Android en Umvel.

“Buen día chicos, solo para informarles que el proyecto a realizar en esta ocasión fue comprometido para el próximo mes. A pesar de que no lo consultamos con ustedes, les pedimos que se pongan la camiseta y nos apoyen a realizar la entrega.

Bueno, yo haré otras cosas y regreso con ustedes a tiempo para la presentación. ¡Buena suerte!” — Project Manager

Quizá exageré un poco. Sin embargo esto no quiere decir que circunstancias similares no ocurran en el día a día de…

Dilbert cartoon

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The following article is written by:
Roberto Martínez Medina, Android Developer At Umvel.

“Good morning guys, just to inform you that the project to be carried out on this occasion was committed for next month. Even though this wasn’t consulted with you, we’re asking you to show your commitment with the company and support us to make the delivery.

I’ll go take care of other things and be back with you just in time for the presentation. Good luck!” — Project Manager

Ok, I may have exaggerated the case a bit. However, similar circumstances may occur…

Having had a long trajectory in e-commerce, Alexandre shares a view on the future of this business in the Mexican market.

E-commerce has seen rapid growth, sparked by the pandemic. Now, as new e-commerce lead at Umvel, Alexandre looks ahead and shares his views on the industry.

Alexandre Trino at Umvel

Brazil born Alexandre has been working with e-commerce since 2012. Having a strong technical background, he acquired vast experience in most e-commerce areas throughout the years, through many projects. Now, as brand new e-commerce leader at Umvel, he sees big opportunities for growth in this area, to take advantage of it.

“Becoming the…

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Los sistemas de clasificación han existido desde los primeros días de Internet. En pocas palabras, son instrumentos digitales para evaluar o clasificar una experiencia que has tenido, desde una película de Netflix de mala calidad, hasta esos increíbles pantalones nuevos que compraste, o tu más reciente viaje a AirBnB (que probablemente no fue tan reciente, si estás leyendo esto en 2021).

La mayoría de los productos que construimos en Umvel incluyen algún tipo de sistema de clasificación (a veces también lo llamamos “sistema de retroalimentación”). Hemos aprendido bastante sobre los pros y los contras…

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Rating systems have been around since the early days of the Internet. Put simply, they are digital instruments to evaluate or rank an experience you’ve had — from a below-par Netflix movie, to those awesome new trousers you bought, to your most recent AirBnB trip (which was probably not that recent, if you’re reading this in 2021).

Most products we build at Umvel include some kind of rating system (we sometimes also call it “feedback system”). We’ve learned quite a bit about the pros and cons of the different systems out there.

This morning, we took an Uber to a client (yes, offices are finally opening up in Mexico!). We hopped in the car and all of a sudden we heard a radio/walkie-talkie-like chatter through the Uber driver’s phone. It was a dispatch. Yes, a dispatch services like ‘traditional’, centralized taxi companies have: we heard a woman shouting at the other end of the line giving instructions to drivers and confirming trips of our (and other) drivers.

So, after chatting with our driver, we found out that he didn’t own his car, and took on Uber driving as a side job to…

Mathematician Abraham Wald

Survivorship bias is super interesting. This is the notion whereby people over-focus on the ‘survived’ outcomes of a process, and use those outcomes as basis to improve it, thereby failing to understand that you learn more from the invisible, ‘dead’ parts that didn’t make it until the end.

This term was coined by mathematician Abraham Wald during WWII. The military was analyzing fighter planes that came back from war, by inspecting their bullet holes and opting for reinforcement at those places.

Yokoi Gunpei — inventor of Gameboy and other Nintendo solutions.

枯れた技術の水平思考, or ‘Lateral Thinking with Seasoned Technology‘ is the proven method, which Nintendo’s superhero Yokoi Gunpei often used to tinker new gaming products. Rather than focusing on shiny, new technology to make new gaming hardware, he created his masterly game consoles by using old technologies, for new purposes. For example, Yokoi preferred using non-color displays for the first Gameboy, to outcompete the battery life of his rivals, SEGA’s game-gear and Atari’s Lynx.


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